Our consultants do not only work on an hourly or project basis, but also can be posted within your company for a more lengthy amount of time.

We have specialists that can play a managing, coordinating or supporting role in the following areas:

  • Environment
  • Health and safety
  • Quality (or QHSE)
  • External security (as a specialist in the field of BRZO, Bevi, etc.)

In the following situations BMDetachering can be a good solution for your company:

  1. Your QHSE manager is chronically ill, goes on maternity leave or takes a sabbatical and you temporarily need a replacement. Our BMD consultant takes over the (main) tasks, often part-time;
  2. Your QHSE Manager leaves your company and you do not instantly have a suitable successor. A part-time BMD consultant can provide an excellent solution, by temporarily ensuring the continuity of the QHSE tasks in your company.
  3. Your company wants to save on the fixed costs of a full-time employee, but there is short-term work to be done. A part-time BMD consultant could provide the solution;
  4. Your company has acquired a major project and you need several specialists throughout the duration of this project. BMDetachering can provide such specialists;
  5. A QHSE manager is expected to perform the impossible. He or she should unite all specialties in one person. This often proves to be a utopia. BMDetachering can provide several BMD consultants within your company, each implementing their specialization on a part-time basis;
  6. Your company temporarily needs extra capacity to get a job done

The benefits of BMDetachering are clear:

  1.  A flexible and cost-effective solution to a temporary gap in knowledge and skills;
  2. You only pay for the hours actually worked;
  3. Complete back office: for complex problems other consultants will be involved;
  4. The right specialist in the right place: the required knowledge is directly present;
  5. The BMD employee behaves as if it were your own employee and knows your organization.

Below is an overview of our BMD consultants with their specializations. Optionally you can request their CVs.

Maarten Pauwels

Environmental Specialisations: setting up, maintaining and auditing ISO 14001 systems, regulatory compliance and complex environmental permitting, energy-saving studies, carbon footprint. Well able to manage complex projects.

Specialties relating to Spatial Planning: spatial issues (e.g. zoning), legal issues and providing a strong foundation for (legal) reporting/correspondence.

Arjan Wigmans

Environmental Specialisations: legislation and compliance, complex environmental permits, ISO 14001 environmental audits

Specialties relating to Safety: currently following a post-graduate course in Safety Engineering, work-place safety risk assessments (RI&E), maintaining and auditing OHSAS 18001 management systems, working with hazardous substances (PGS 15), Brzo (accident-risk reduction related to working with dangerous substances).

Sjef Huijgens

Environmental Specialisations: legislation and compliance, complex environmental permits, maintaining and auditing ISO 14001 management systems.

Specialties relating to Safety: Safety Expert (HVK), certify and execute work-place safety risk assessments (RI&E), implementing and maintaining OHSAS 18001 management systems, external security issues (Brzo and Arie) , implementing and maintaining safety management systems.

Ineke Teunen

QHSE Specialisations: establishing, maintaining and auditing QHSE systems (ISO HLS), analysing and advising on organizational issues, such as business impact analyses, SWOT analyses, etc.

Specialties relating to health and safety: executing work-place safety risk assessments (RI&E), maintaining and auditing OHSAS 18001 and VCA management systems, security training. Specialties relating to food safety: BRC Global Standards and ISO 22000.

David Izelaar

Environmental Specialisations: Laws, regulations and compliance, environmental permits, on-site inspections and compliance checks.

BMDetachering offers solutions for temporary gaps in knowledge and skills. For information please contact Ir. AE (Jos) van Est, by calling 0180-614378 or 06-22827196; or email:

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