Corporate Social Responsibility

BMD Advies Rijndelta supports companies that want to implement Corporate Social Responsibility. We want to set a good example.

Carbon Footprint

The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions at BMD Advies Rijndelta is transport. The number of kilometers traveled (by car or train) is decisive in this. That is why we actively seek opportunities to reduce transport emissions.

Below our carbon footprint over recent years is shown.

CFP 2014-MT-BMD Advies Rijndelta

Click here for the full report (in dutch).

Carbon footprint 2011

Carbon footprint 2013

Carbon footprint 2014

Social awareness

  1. Voedselbank Rotterdam
    BMD Advies Rijndelta supports the Voedselbank Rotterdam on the aspects environment and spatial development.

    • The Voedselbank has a single point of contact within the BMD. Questions asked will be answered by specialized consultants;
    • Specific issues will be carried out in consultation with the Voedselbank. (e.g. drawing up of an energy audit or submitting a permit to the local authorities)
    • Every year we perform a compliance check and we look at possible improvements in the areas of environment, energy and waste.
    • The new location at the Keileweg is part of our Spatial development alert Service. In this service, monthly spatial developments are monitored.
  2. InHolland.
    BMD Advies Rijndelta supports InHolland giving guest lectures and giving input for the curriculum in the areas of external security, spatial development and quality management.

ISO 9001

BMD Advies Rijndelta has a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 since 2000.

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