The BMD membership is an attractive concept that offers several advantages. You are able to make use of our customised services in the areas of environment, health, safety and spatial planning. Our membership improves your business’ agility and reduces the risks associated with changes in company processes. Our membership packages have transparent and fixed prices. The essence underpinning all our packages is: always having quick access to your own expert consultant and – if you choose for our Compliance package – having the certainty of complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

Continuity and result

We have an eye for the (living) environment, but also always view the economic and organisational side of things. We feel an expert opinion must also remain feasible and affordable. In all our work the following is paramount: we search for the playing field available within the confines of applicable laws and regulations; to manoeuvre in a manner that keeps your business practices healthy and successful.

The benefits

  • You are able to quickly and easily respond to current issues within your organization with the continued support of our customised member packages;
  • You unburden your department and strengthen your organisation, by clearly depicting what is really relevant for the company. The membership formula allows us to get to know your organization well, making our services optimally tailored to your situation.
  • Your personal consultant is your single point of contact, whilst behind the scenes we work in interdisciplinary teams to effectively tackle your more complex problems.

Membership packages

Would you like to sign up for a BMD Membership? Would you like to see concrete solutions that deliver the desired result? You can choose from the following packages.

Basic Support: Bronze package

You can at any time contact your own expert consultant, somebody who knows your business and can directly respond to current issues. You can rely on our helpdesk and (if desired) we can monitor the spatial developments surrounding your company address and report relevant issues to you on a monthly basis. You will receive a discount on our hourly rates and periodically receive an e-mail newsletter with useful recent developments (mainly in the legal domain).

Want more? Opt for Silver!

Do you want an up-to-date legal registry, including the latest amendments, to contribute towards the continuity of your business? Do you want this overview tailored to your business situation, with the certainty that nothing relevant will overlooked? If this is the case, you can expand the basic support package with our Legislative (Silver) Package. The registry is based on national and international legislation in the areas of environment, working conditions, safety and spatial planning.

You want complete compliancy? Go for Gold!

Is your aim to execute your business practices in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, as well as assess whether or not you are currently compliant? Then our Compliance (Gold) Package is an excellent choice. Every year we do a physical inspection of your company to determine whether you comply with all relevant laws and regulations  (= compliance). The BMD Compliance Package is based on ISO 19600 and ensures that you adhere to the requirements laid down in ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001.

  • choose your plan

  • Amount of spaceAmount of space
  • Bandwidth per monthBandwidth per month
  • No. of e-mail accountsNo. of e-mail accounts
  • No. of MySql databasesNo. of MySql databases
  • 24h support24h support
  • Support tickets per mo.Support tickets per mo.
  • starter

  • $10

    per month

  • Amount of space10GB
  • Bandwidth per month100GB
  • No. of e-mail accounts1
  • No. of MySql databases1
  • 24h supportno
  • Support tickets per mo.1
  • econo

  • $30

    per month

  • Amount of space30GB
  • Bandwidth per month200GB
  • No. of e-mail accounts10
  • No. of MySql databases10
  • 24h supportno
  • Support tickets per mo.3
  • standard

  • $59

    per month

  • Amount of space100GB
  • Bandwidth per month500GB
  • No. of e-mail accounts50
  • No. of MySql databases50
  • 24h supportyes
  • Support tickets per mo.5
  • professional

  • $99

    per month

  • Amount of spaceUnlimited
  • Bandwidth per month1000GB
  • No. of e-mail accountsUnlimited
  • No. of MySql databasesUnlimited
  • 24h supportyes
  • Support tickets per mo.10


BronzeYearly subscription, helpdesk, spatial planning notification service, discounted hourly rates and newsletter.
SilverBronze + legal registry (in line with ISO 14001:2015, section 4.3.2; but excluding a compliance check): one location, national and international environmental and workplace safety laws and regulations, semiannual update, action plan and discussion.
GoldBronze + legal registry (in line with ISO 14001:2015, section 4.3.2): national and international environmental and workplace safety laws and regulations, a monthly registry update, annual monitoring of compliance with the use of the software tool Sufficio, creation of action plan and discussion. Once-off set-up costs for composition of the Sufficio database € 750,- . For more information about Sufficio see:
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