Keppel Verolme

The client

Keppel Verolme is an international shipyard where the maintenance and repair of ships and offshore objects is conducted. The yard is located in the Botlek area in ​​the port of Rotterdam.


Keppel’s environmental permit requires an energy audit. The energy infrastructure at the site is very complex and not all aspects had been adequately inventoried. Various actors on the shipyard use gas, electricity and other energy sources. Conducting an energy audit according normal standards would hence be a very time-consuming task.

The solution

BMD Advies Rijndelta proposed an alternative approach to the authorities, whereby the time spent could be halved. The proposal is based on the existing infrastructure, starting from the main grid following the ramifications to the low voltage grid. When possible metering was used, in other cases, the energy consumption was based on calculations. This approach was approved and has led to an improved awareness of the energy consumption, as well as a number of concrete energy-saving measures, including the replacement of frequency controllers for machines with a payback period  of less than 2 years.

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