KAM-detachering bij SchutPrecisionParts


Schut PrecisionParts is a supplier of precision components for e.g.: amusement parks, public transport, the optical and chemical industries and the automotive branch.


Schut Precision Parts needs a critical partner who is completely familiar with quality, health, safety and environment issues in order to (continue to) achieve business objectives in this area.


With the critical eye of an outsider the entire QHSE system is closely monitored and adjusted where necessary. The ISO certificates (9001 and 14001) are permanently monitored and the required surveillance visits are jointly prepared. Besides consulting on general issues, production processes are also continually and demonstrably improved. Our expertise and experience is shared with Schut and communicated with their employees.

Schut Precision Parts on BMD: "Despite the independent role of the BMD, our permanent consultant has become a familiar face within our organization and she is seen as a valuable colleague."


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