BMD Advies Rijndelta was founded in 1990 by entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs. The main initiators were the Chamber of Commerce and various employers' organizations. Since our initiation we have grown into a full-service consultancy agency specialising in environment and spatial planning, safety, quality (including food safety) and occupational health & safety.

We work with a unique consultancy formula: the BMD membership. This manner of working is based on a long-term relationship with our clients. In our method a non-biased and generalist approach is of paramount importance. Furthermore, we always keep our eye on the ball: keeping your business healthy and successful.

Facts and figures

BMD Advies Rijndelta has a total of 13 employees, who deliver services to a group of 300 companies. Being stationed in Barendrecht, we are well aware of the local conditions in the Rotterdam area. We maintain close contacts with the Chamber of Commerce, industry groups, trade associations, various specialised consultancy bureaus, occupational health services, branch/industry associations and government agencies. Our knowledge of the region is further enhanced through close cooperation with the national network of BMD Advies organisations, which jointly provide services to more than 1,000 companies in the Netherlands. This implies we are able to expand our knowledge of the region with national expertise when necessary.

Our expertise

To adequately provide services for our clients, we have a large team of in-house specialists, including:

  • Environmentalists
  • Occupational hygienists
  • (Higher) safety experts
  • (Environmental) jurists
  • Business administration specialists
  • Chemical technologists
  • Food (safety) experts

Our senior consultants have long-term consulting experience, often following a career in the corporate sphere. See BMDetachering for more specific information about our consultants.

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