Pathé Theatres B.V.


Pathé Theatres BV has 22 cinemas in and around the largest cities in the Netherlands. In addition to screening films, Pathé organizes events and hosts live productions, such as opera, theatre and sporting events.


To ensure the safety of visitors and staff, regular (fire) safety checks are very important.

Not only identifying, but also actively improving unsafe situations (if necessary), requires a hands-on approach.

Pathé asked BMD Advies Rijndelta to develop a methodology for checking the safety of the cinemas, coupled with the possibility of visibly interpreting results.

The solution 

We created an online safety inspection tool tailored for Pathé, where safety aspects such as the presence of an emergency response team, fire safety facets and escape routes are checked against the statutory requirements.

Annually we check whether safety is still guaranteed sufficiently and where improvements can be made. Areas in need of improvement are subsequently monitored actively to ensure follow-up actions are taken, hence contributing to the continual improvement of safety aspects.


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